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Garlic scapes

Garlic scapes are the flower stalk from the garlic. It is, at first tightly coiled and over time will straighten. They have a gentle garlic taste and are best lightly cooked. Try them chopped and sauteed by themselves or in a stir fry. But here is the best way I've ever eaten them. Toss the scapes (the whole thing) with some olive oil and a generous seasoning of salt and pepper. Grill over medium heat until they are tender and lightly charred. You can do this directly on the grill or use a grill pan but don't crowd. Eat while they are still hot. We eat them with our hands as an appetizer but they would also be delicious alongside a burger or whatever you are grilling. The whole thing is edible except for maybe the very end of the point. The large stalks are a creamy wonder.

Green Garlic

This is garlic which has not yet started to bulb, it looks more like a leek at this point. The flavor is decidedly garlic but yet has a fresher taste. Trim off the root end and about 1/3 of the greens. Peel off one layer of the skin to expose the clean garlic. Slice crosswise or into 3 inch shreds to use. You will find it delicious!

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